2019 Canvas Contest

Win a 16 x 20 canvas with a photo from your wedding on it! $165 Value

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You can write a review and just copy and paste it onto another site. Ex: If you write a review on google, you can just copy that review to WeddingWire, Facebook, wherever! Feel free to add new details if you’d like. 

If you have reviewed us on one platform before and you write another review to enter, your previous review will still count! 

If your spouse writes a review too, those will count towards your household. Only one canvas will be issued per winning household though.

For participating, everyone gets 10% off their gallery store! You and your spouse can work together and get a combined 20% off (10% from you, 10% from your spouse) if you both write reviews. 

Express your own opinion in these reviews! We hope you had an amazing experience and we are really looking forward to hearing from you! :)

How to enter

Submit at least 1 review to one of the below websites.

Each review puts your name in the drawing once.
1 review = 1 time your name is in the drawing.
 4 reviews = 4 times your name is in!

Winner will be chosen in a random drawing!  Winner will be chosen on February 15th.


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Alyssa is an international weedding and senior portrait photographer based in North Carolina

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