1) Click on the event photography session

2) Choose any available date that works for you. (only one starting time is offered due to lighting). You can you the small arrows to see if any times are available during other months as well. Times say 60 min, but they are longer!

3) Confirm your chosen time and date! It will notify me and you'll be booked! If anything comes up (weather, sickness, etc) we can always reschedule. No extra fees.

How it works

How to look good on for your session

What to wear!

First things first, what you wear MATTERS. Why? Because it's what you'll see every single time you want to look at your pictures. Also all your friends and family will see these too, so I want to make it easy for you to look your best! 

At the end you'll get to see some cool looks I put together!

Colors, style, and being yourself

What to wear

You should aim to wear colors that are complementary to each other, but not matchy matchy. It looks waaayy more natural that way!
Solids over prints whenever possible. If you both have print on it can look less put together. 
I also 100% recommend lighter colors. Especially since my goal is to capture a lighter look overall. 
Saying all of that, if there is something that you love and have DREAMED about wearing to your session, then go ahead and wear it! These are not rules, just helpful suggestions!


How many outfits should you have, and dressy or casual?

So one big issue people have with choosing an outfit, is if they should do dressy or casual. I personally think you should do both! This allows you to have a different vibe based off of your outfit and location. I will say, you should limit your outfits changes to two or three. The more outfits you are changing into means the less time we can spend taking photos!

This balance is important because we are trying to stay within a certain window so that you can have that dreamy beautiful light!

Outfit inspiration

Now you can scroll through some outfits that I personally think would be amazing to wear. 😉 If you want more help with your outfit, just ask me! 


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