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I'm Alyssa, a NC based wedding and senior photographer who is crazy about storytelling (and my cat). Grab a snack and get comfy! It's time to check out my past work, photography education, and travel adventures!

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Ok everyone just a heads up I am TERRIBLE at posting travel content. So this adventure actually took place back in March and I did post a little bit about this trip (which you can see here) BUT I never did go through and show all the pictures! Which there are quite a few of […]

NYC Adventure: The Full Story

Ok, so this is a bit different! I’ve decided to share some of the skincare products I use when the weather is awful. The number one issue I have with winter and early spring (other then it sucks) is that I get such dry skin. There is nothing worse than dry skin and being cold! […]

Best Winter Skincare Products 2019


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Alyssa is an international wedding and portrait photographer based in North Carolina