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Meg + Suyong | Raleigh Rose Garden Elopement

The background

Ok, so this is a session I’ve been looking forward to posting basically since we finished it! I want to go into a little background for how it came to be! 

So a few months ago I got an Instagram message from Meg introducing herself and her fiance Suyong. She explained that they were planning to elope instead of doing a traditional wedding because Suyong is from Korea and would be finishing the process to come to America and get married. 

They had no idea when that date would be. But, they still wanted photos once they were married.

Since I love amazing stories and Meg sounded super sweet so I 100% agreed to do my best to fit this session in!

The session

Fast forward a few weeks we finally had a date and so we chose the Raleigh Rose Garden for the place! Now we just had to hope everything stayed according to plan.

Amazingly, everything aligned and we were able to work together! And I LOVED working with these two. They were incredibly sweet and were down to try all sorts of cool poses. 

I also loved the details they brought. Suyong proposed to Meg while she was visiting him in Korea. (They met while Meg was studying abroad). He used beautiful shoes with writing that said “Thanks for coming to me. This is my perfect moment with you. Let me be your best friend forever. Meg, will you marry me?”

Like, excuse me while I cry happy tears haha. They also brought with them their couples rings they made in Korea. Meg explained that it’s a thing to make rings together when you start dating someone in Korea. I think the idea is super cute and totally needs to catch on here!

Overall I’m so glad I was able to capture their big day and I’m thankful that somehow everything worked out! Like they literally had just got back from Korea and I left to go to Virginia right after their session to do another wedding. It’s crazy it all worked, but now it’s time to see some of their beautiful day!

Raleigh Rose Garden
Raleigh Rose Garden Elopement | Alyssa Joyce Photography
Raleigh NC Couples Session | Alyssa Joyce Photography
Wedding Shoes
Raleigh Rose Garden Elopement
Korean Couples Rings
The rings they made in Korea
Raleigh Rose Garden
Raleigh Elopement
Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer | Alyssa Joyce Photography

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