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3 Reasons you want direct flash for your reception photos

Flashy reception photos have become somewhat of a trend, but it’s a trend I love for these 3 reasons.

They look like party pics

While I definitely will get as many natural light reception decor photos as possible, as a reception goes on the vibes tend to get more hype and party-like! Flashy photos really show that off and give a more energetic party vibe.

They show off the details in the dark

Once the dance floor opens the lights are usually dimmed or turned all the way off. Without flash, you’d miss so many cute moments and detail! With direct flash, they can still shine!

It has a more nostalgic vibe

I’m convinced that flashy photos just bring out the nostalgia in photos! Every time I look back on these reception photos I feel brought back to the exact moments in the photos! The subject is nice and bright but the background is still dark bringing all the focus onto the subject. 10/10 flashy photos are my favorite 🙂

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