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5 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged.

So you just got engaged!!! First off, WOOO!!! Congratulations! Second OMG wow you’ve got to plan a wedding!!! 😬

Wedding planning can be an absolute pain in the butt. There are so many details and things you have to decide! Do you want a first look (here’s why you should) do you want cake or a donut wall?! There are seemingly a million things to do. But never fear! I’ve got at least a few helpful tips for you. Here are 5 things you should do first after getting engaged!

1) Choose a date

This will help with literally everything else! It’ll be so much harder to figure out vendors and venues without a date! By choosing a date you can then choose a venue, all your vendors, and know when you’ll need things like your dress or flowers by. Almost all vendors will need to know a firm date before they can move forward with you.

2) Figure out your wedding budget

As much as you might want to go straight to your Pinterest boards and call every vendor you’ve pinned on there, first you need to see what your budget is. You need to figure out what your priorities are and what isn’t. Do you want to spend more on food or having that amazing venue you saw online? A budget can help you know where to look and who to book.

3) Decide on a wedding aesthetic

If you are into a more country feel then you may not want to pick a venue that screams industrial. The same goes for if you are wanting a romantic garden feel and then choose an inner-city venue. Choose your overall vibe and then begin selecting other vendors and venues.

Your Pinterest boards will come in handy here!

4) Start browsing photographers, venues, and wedding planners.

Wedding photography behind the scenes

These 3 are the ones you are going to want to pick sooner rather than later! Many people book them between a 6 months and a year in advance. The closer to your date, the harder it may be to find the exact venue or photographer that you want. By choosing your date and style first, you’ll be able to use that info to pick out all three! 

5) Pick out your bridal party

Your friends are busy and you will want to get into their calendar early! Being in a wedding can add up money-wise and you want to be able to let your friends save up for any events, clothes, or outings that may happen! So the sooner they know you want them in your bridal party the sooner they can start planning and saving!

So now you are ready to start figuring everything out. Don’t worry, you’ve got this! Again congrats on being engaged and happy planning!!

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