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I'm Alyssa, a NC based wedding and senior photographer who is crazy about storytelling (and my cat). Grab a snack and get comfy! It's time to check out my past work, photography education, and travel adventures!

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Flashy reception photos have become somewhat of a trend, but it’s a trend I love for these 3 reasons. They look like party pics While I definitely will get as many natural light reception decor photos as possible, as a reception goes on the vibes tend to get more hype and party-like! Flashy photos really […]

3 Reasons you want direct flash for your reception photos

Choosing the best engagement photo location can be kinda hard. Not everyone dreams of doing their engagement photos in a field (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) If you’re more of a city girl like me, the idea of going out to a field now matter how pretty it is, may not be ideal […]

3 Beautiful City Engagement Photo Locations In Raleigh NC

You know all those gorgeous pictures of a bride getting ready? What you don’t always know is they are a little more staged then you might think (and not in a bad way!) You might be like whaaaa? But don’t worry, I’m going to share all of the tips I give my own brides with […]

How to Have Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

So you just got engaged!!! First off, WOOO!!! Congratulations! Second OMG wow you’ve got to plan a wedding!!! 😬 Wedding planning can be an absolute pain in the butt. There are so many details and things you have to decide! Do you want a first look (here’s why you should) do you want cake or […]

5 Things You Should Do After Getting Engaged.

Wedding receptions can be so insanely fun! From the dancing to tossing bouquets to sparkler exits! But what a lot of people don’t realize is that in order to keep the party moving along (and get all the shots you want) you need to create a timeline of events and stick to it! I’m going […]

How to Plan Your Wedding Reception

For many grads this year didn’t really go as planned. Even though you weren’t able to do so many things that most seniors look forward to, you can still have your senior photos taken! (And no they don’t have to be boring ones of you standing with your cap and gown) I’m going to tell […]

5 Tips for Having an Awesome Senior Portrait Session!

Ahhhh ideal clients. You’ve probably heard a little bit about them. You know you need to find them, you’ve heard that you need to make them like you but richer right? Orrrr maybe there’s a better way to figure it all out. I’m gonna share the two ways I’ve found most helpful in creating an […]

Finding Your Ideal Client as a Photographer

So you’ve started a photography business and you’ve started to find your style. You’re getting better at posing people, and your photos are getting closer to being the way you want them to be! But now you want to stand out more. So what do you do? Get another lens? Try to find another way […]

Branding Basics For Photographers

So you want to become a wedding photographer. You want to shoot beautiful weddings, travel, work from home, the whole nine yards! Honestly, I wanted that too! I also wanted to be my own boss, set my own schedule, and have a job that allowed me to create. So about two years ago I set […]

My Top Tips for Becoming a Wedding Photographer

Ok so you just got engaged (yay!) and you want to announce it with some beautiful engagement photos! But now you’ve got the whole planning part to do. What should you wear? Where should you go? Well in this post, I wanted to give you some beautiful locations I’ve used in the past for my […]

10 Gorgeous North Carolina Engagement Photography Locations For Dreamy Photos


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