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Branding Basics For Photographers

So you’ve started a photography business and you’ve started to find your style. You’re getting better at posing people, and your photos are getting closer to being the way you want them to be! But now you want to stand out more. So what do you do? Get another lens? Try to find another way to pose a couple?

Orrrr you could just dig deep into your branding! Your brand is the number one way to stand apart from other photographers. The words you use, the colors on your website, the vibe it gives off, and what images you share are all parts of your brand.

Now, most people will go and get a fill in the blank template, fill it out, and wait for leads to come pouring in. That honestly doesn’t work. I know this cause I’ve done it before. 

The biggest problem with most templates is they are great on the looks part of branding, but not the messaging. 

Branding is MORE than just pretty colors and telling the world you love Friends and Disney World. Those things are good and I really believe you should share it, but your brand is also sending a message. For me I wanted my brand to feel welcoming and reassuring but my main message was you’re going to feel comfortable and have fun during your session.

I chose warm pretty colors, the words I say are not all me me me, but put the focus on my client. They address their hopes, dreams, and worries. Knowing what your client is worried about is key. Not so you can manipulate it, but so you know where they need to be served. 

Brand and Ideal Client

So let’s work backward for a second. 

Your brand and your ideal client work very closely together.

When you are creating your brand vibe, it should be based on you and things you like, but it should ALSO be based on your ideal client. If I were to ask you about your ideal client and you said oh she hates corny jokes so much, she’s very serious. And then your website is full of corny jokes, you have some issues there.

You might be thinking, “Ok ok I get you, but why do it now? I’m still kinda new to all this.” or even “Does it really matter that much?”

Here’s the thing, the sooner you can start figuring out your ideal client and tailoring your brand to them, the faster you can move up as a photographer. Part of commanding higher prices is by having people who want YOU. If the only thing setting you apart is your editing style and price, that’s honestly not enough. 

I’m not gonna lie, I can barely tell people’s photos apart if they are even somewhat edited in a similar style. Even high profile people like Amy and Jordan or Katelyn James. Their photos are absolutely amazing! But what makes people want to work with them, is the fact that it’s THEM. 

It takes time to build this kind of brand which is why I think you need to get on it!

So I’ll be writing another post that dives deeper into this topic soon (with some resources for you too!) Until then, start brainstorming who you’re ideal client is and what they’d like to see!

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