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5 Tips for Having an Awesome Senior Portrait Session!

For many grads this year didn’t really go as planned. Even though you weren’t able to do so many things that most seniors look forward to, you can still have your senior photos taken! (And no they don’t have to be boring ones of you standing with your cap and gown)

I’m going to tell you how you can have a fun and personal senior session experience here!

1. Choose locations that matter to you

NC State Senior Photographer | Alyssa Joyce Photography

Whether it is your favorite study spot, your school/campus, the great outdoors, choose a place that makes you feel excited! Many seniors will pick some important landmarks on their campus as well! When I was in college I took my senior pictures at the belltower (a huge landmark) but I also went to my favorite cookie place.

If you want to choose a place that you just find pretty, that’s totally ok too! Your photographer should be able to help you find the perfect spot for you! (or two, or three).

2. Show off your passions

If you were an athlete consider incorporating that into your session. The same goes for dancers, artists, animal lovers, and anything else you can think of! Bring props, wear your school uniform, do the activity you loved doing so much! Trust me on this, you’ll love looking back at what made you so happy.

3. Have outfit changes ready.

Senior Portraits in NC

You’ll probably want at least three looks. A more formal look to go with your cap and gown, a fun casual look, and a look that showcases your hobby or passions. For example, it may look like wearing a nice dress, a cute shirt and jeans, and then changing into your volleyball uniform.

4. Take a quick pic with friends and family

NC State University Senior Portrait Photographer

We want this session to be all about you of course, but consider towards the end of your session taking one quick photo with mom and dad (or whoever means the most to you). It can be a fun way to let them be a part of your day!

5. Come ready to have fun!

Fayetteville NC Senior Pictures

Don’t be worried about how you’ll look or have a list of photos ready to copy. Your photographer should already know what you want, what things to look out for, and how to make sure you have a fun experience!

I hope this helps you plan out your senior photography session!

P.s. In case you didn’t know I’m doing a giveaway for 2020 graduating seniors who didn’t get to have a full experience due to COVID-19. Winners will get a full AJP Senior Session and win a Target gift card too! Giveaway ends May 25th

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