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Finding Your Ideal Client as a Photographer

Ahhhh ideal clients. You’ve probably heard a little bit about them. You know you need to find them, you’ve heard that you need to make them like you but richer right? Orrrr maybe there’s a better way to figure it all out. I’m gonna share the two ways I’ve found most helpful in creating an ideal client.

1: Base it off your favorite client.

Ideal Client | Alyssa Joyce Photography

This one is great because it’s not that hard. If you’ve worked with a client and you loooovvveeddd them do a little digging to find out a few things. You could see what brands they follow on Instagram and maybe think back on some of the conversations you’ve had with them.

For example, I’ve found that my ideal client loved to travel, wine and beer cafes, boutique shopping, home decor, and Disney world. 

When I didn’t do the research I thought my ideal client liked loft, yoga, and travel. I wasn’t totally off, but it was just enough that I wasn’t attracting that many ideal clients. 

So go and ask your favorite clients what they like to do, where their favorite activities are, and anything else that might be relevant. If you don’t wanna ask, you can do gentle snooping on Instagram. You don’t have to take it to a creepy level but just pay attention. 

Now one quick note is this isn’t about the stuff specifically it’s a lot more about what they VALUE. So for me, my ideal clients like to travel because they value new and exciting experiences, they like home decor because they value being able to FIND MY IDEAL CLIENT VALUE SHEET.

So the big thing will be using what you find to find their values.

2: Base it on yourself

Alyssa Joyce Photography

Chances are you and your ideal client will actually have a lot in common. So if you haven’t worked with anyone you would call your ideal client, start with yourself or a best friend. Basically do the same thing. Find things you like then find out what values that thing represents. 

So let’s recap and breakdown

  1. Using yourself or your favorite client, list activities, shopping, date night ideas, favorite brands, etc.
  2. Go through and list what values those things represent.

So what will you do with all this?

You are going to use this info everywhereeeeee. In your copy (for example I talk about my love for Disney), what you post on Instagram, and how you brand your website. This info is your KEY. You need to sprinkle it on everything. Anywhere your ideal client might be, this info needs to be infused in there.

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