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NYC Adventure: The Full Story

Ok everyone just a heads up I am TERRIBLE at posting travel content. So this adventure actually took place back in March and I did post a little bit about this trip (which you can see here) BUT I never did go through and show all the pictures! Which there are quite a few of them so yay for that!

Ok, so a little storytime. So in like February Ashley asked me if I wanted to go on an adventure and I said yes! She basically was like “Wanna go to NYC?” and I was down. I don’t need a lot of convincing when it comes to adventures.

The plan

So we quickly made a plan. We decided we would stay with one of her college friends, shoot a fun session for a couple we met online (which I’ll be linking to that soon!) site, and then go to this bridal thing even though neither of us was engaged. A brilliant idea all around.

Starting the adventure

So we had our plan and we decided to do it! It was finally March and I drove up to Ashley’s house, stayed the night, then we drove to NY together. It was honestly terrifying. I have never driven that long or been on so many massive highways. Luckily Ashley took one for the team and did the actually worst bit of driving once we were in the city. 

A cute coffee shop.
As we were leaving Ashley’s place we got donuts at this super cute place!

Ashley’s friend, Marina lives in Brookline and was just a quick subway ride from everything fun, so it really worked out well for us! We went out to eat that first night and had a blast.

NYC Apartment
Marina’s apartment was so cute!
NYC trip
After hours of driving, we finally got to NY!

Site seeing

The next day we went literally everywhere. First, we got coffee so we could survive. After breakfast, we hopped on the Subway and went to Dumbo first. Now I had no idea about anything and I was just along for the ride, but it was honestly one of my favorite parts of our adventure. 

I’m channeling my inner travel blogger

We took a million pictures and then we decided to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. I’m not sure if we were planning to walk all the way across it but we did! And it honestly didn’t even feel that long. We ended up taking quite a few photos while we were up there too.

Brooklyn Bridge
It was very busy and kinda cold up there!
We always act like basic tourists when we travel. We have no shame.

Next, we decided to go to the One World Trade Center. It was honestly so sobering to go there and see the massive memorial fountains. 

One world trade center and 9/11 memorial

Then we randomly decided to go up into the viewing platform of the one world trade center. Now this was a totally last-minute choice and we had not budgeted for this, but we just were like how can we not and we did it!

It was amazing to be up there! The elevator ride was lowkey super scary though.

NYC from the one world trade center


Finally, it was time to make our way to Grand Central Station to meet the couple and take some photos! This was honestly such fun and I can’t wait for you to see all of those photos! They were so fun and sweet and I still can’t believe I waited so long to post them! Soon you’ll be able to check out all the photos!

Alyssa Joyce Photography NYC couples session
You can see all of these photos soon!

After taking photos for a few hours we had to hurry and hope into an uber to get to the event!

Wrapping up our trip

Now at this point, we had been roaming the city in thick winter coats for HOURS. So I didn’t really feel or look the most glam, but luckily only like 50% of people showed up all done up. Now we totally didn’t fit in, but we got an awesome gift bag and we ate so much good food!

Pretending to be fancy engaged ladies for free champaign!

So once that was over we thought we would just head back to the apartment, but then we realized we had no key and Marina was not going to be back for a while. So we awkwardly went to The Met and looked at that for a bit. But then it was dark and we got a little creeped out at how empty everything was, so we went back to Times Square (which was honestly the least impressive part of the trip) and then ate at red lobster for a few hours.

Now, why did we eat there at 11 pm? I’m not sure, I think our brains were a bit fried by that time. But finally Mariana came and got us in her little punch bug and we were able to go home and go to bed!

The next day we had to get up and get ready to drive home. It was honestly such a good mini adventure and even though it was crazy and exhausting, I would do it again tomorrow. 

So having said ALL of that, check out the rest of our NY Adventure!

Manhattan skyline
Brooklyn bridge fun
Brooklyn bridge photography
NYC Subway
NYC photography
Times square

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